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Planting and gardening in the yard is still the most popular hobby in the United States. At Hall's Landscaping, we understand this and work with our clients to create garden beds and landscapes that are both low maintenance and tolerant to the multitude of climates that cross the Northern Virginia region. By including our clients in the planning process, we're able to ascertain what would work best in their yard while being able to incorporate the types of plants and layouts they want to see.

Perennial Planting - Northern Virginia

The majority of the planting of perennials in Northern Virginia tend to include azaleas, hydrangeas, spirea, barberrys, butterfly bushes, nandinas, and hostas. Ornamental grasses and ground covers are also exteremly popular, such as liriope, periwinkle, pachysandra, and hundreds of other varities. You would be hard pressed to drive through any neighborhood in Northern Virginia and not see these perennials spread throughout the yards. But what goes where? For example, many varities of hydrangea will thrive in Arlington due to all of the shade, while these same hydrangeas will struggle in the Dulles corridor due to the lack of shade trees. Poor growing conditions can lead to quite a bit of money being spent on planting perennials that have no chance of growing. Most yards tend to have a wide of variety of growing conditions (wet vs. dry, sun vs. shade, etc.) which allows for a wide range of plants that can be used to create your landscape. At Hall's Landscaping, we take great care in determining what types of perennials will grow and thrive in the different areas of your yard.

Tree Planting In Northern Virginia

In Northern Virginia, tree planting usually means dogwoods, cherry trees, crape myrtles, hollies, and japanese maples. The Northern Virginia area also has a plethora of evergreens and large shade trees such as maples, oaks, sycamores, and birches. At Hall's Landscaping, we research the trees our clients are interested in and find the varities that will fit their needs. As an example, there are literally over a thousand different varities of japanese maples. Choosing the one that works best is as much an artform as science. Just a few things to consider include size, color, shape, growth rate, location, and optimal growing conditions for the species. And then the tree has to match the aesthetics of the yard!

Planting - The Hall's Landscaping Method

Hall's Landscaping has a process we like to use when we're planting, whether it be shrubs, flowers, bushes, or trees. We start by determining the best area in the yard for the specific plant -- as stated above, the healthiest perennial can't survive poor conditions for its species. After we have the spot, we dig out an area of approximately 2.5 - 3 times the width of the plant. Organic matter, such as compost, is then added to the spot before planting -- in Northern Virginia, its important to do this as the heavy clay soils in our area tend to be lacking in essential nutrients that are needed for a new plant or tree to survive. At this point, we add some water to the hole to insure the root system will immediately have some moisture to absorb. Then we put the new plant or tree in the ground, making sure the root area is level and the trunk is upright to prevent leaning and uprooting. Then we add some more organic matter, backfill the rest of the planting area, and mulch the area around it. At this point, we use an applicable starter fertilizer and water the base and foliage of the plant thoroughly. Using this method, Hall's Landscaping has been able to maintain a 99% plant-life retention through one year, and we'd be happy to put that number up against any of our competitors planting rates.

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